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About KK

Welcome to the world of transformation and self-discovery. Kanchan is a firm believer in the power of inner growth and its ability to change lives profoundly.

Currently a Doctoral student in Wisdom Studies, Kanchan is passionately committed to fostering global community, promoting inclusion, and driving positive social change. With a BA in Psychology and Marketing, her career began in real estate sales and corporate business development.  However, confronting clinical depression in her late 30s became a turning point, propelling her towards a decade-long exploration of holistic approaches to self-healing. This transformative path culminated in certifying as a Master NLP Coach and a second master's degree in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, solidifying her dedication to lifelong learning and research, continually deepening her understanding of humanity in the modern world.

As a master coach, podcaster, speaker, and creator of programs on self-worth, authentic leadership, and holistic living, Kanchan also collaborates with forward-thinking leaders and organizations to openly discuss vulnerable topics such as purpose, meaning, and identity, always guided by the question, "Where do we go from here?"

With over 25+ years working experience as a corporate executive first and then an entrepreneur, she has experienced first hand the pressures of climbing up the corporate ladder, as well as, being a start-up and running her own business.  Being a mother of 2 teens, she also understand the struggles of work-life balance.

Kanchan used all her techniques to transform her life, which led to her decision to reach out and help others.  She went from being :

Lost + Scared + Cynical + Disllusioned

Questioning everything

Severe body image issues

Successful Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Energy Healer

Grateful for everything

Appreciating life


Kanchan incorporates the latest discoveries in neurolinguistics, creativity, emotional health, energy healing and spirituality into her work.  She is committed to helping as many men & women as she can, to live a more happy life. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Corporate Workshops

Leadership Coaching

Working with Teens

Well-being  Retreats

Relationship Coaching

Personal Breakthrough

Couples Coaching

Self-Love & Confidence

Releasing Trauma

Connecting to yourself

Education and Certifications

MSc in Consciousness, Sprirituality & Transpersonal Psychology

Certified Master Coach

NLP Master Coach, Relationship Coach, Master Hypnotist, Master Life Coach, Master Time Paradigm Shift Practitioner 

Certified Pranic (Energy) Healer

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapy Healer

Happiness look gorgeous on all of us

Happiness looks gorgeous on all of us!

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