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Cookie Policy  employs persistent technology through the use of in browser storage or “cookie” technology. A cookie is a small piece of text, which is stored on your computer and which acts as a tool for controlling certain system variables in the WWW environment. uses cookies on its  site for various functions including the maintenance of information that will improve the performance of the system or benefit users in some way.

Different cookies serve different purposes. While some cookies are used to control basic functions of the site, some cookies store basic user information in certain ways.  Some cookies that are essential to your use of this site have already been set. You may delete and block all cookies from the site, but certain sites may not work without cookies. uses the following types of cookies:

Authentication and Security:  These cookies are used when a user is seeking to access content or create or log into a user account.  The cookies are also used to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and ensure security of user data.  These cookies contain information regarding the user’s institution through which the user has access and/or the user’s IP address including regional geographic information connected to such IP address.

Preferences : These cookies contain information concerning features of this website to allow users to customize the way they interact with the site.


Examples include a user’s acceptance of this site’s Terms and Conditions, when a user account has an option to save the user’s login information for future use, as well as other dynamic website features.

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