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The power of Thought – 2 Hours  

Our thoughts govern our behavior and actions in more ways than we are aware.  Learn how to detect your thought patterns and focus more on positive thoughts.

Happiness is a choice – 3 Hours

We believe we need things to be happy and once we get them, they will bring us happiness.  Giving the power to external factors is the root cause of unhappiness.  Once we decide to disassociate happiness with the external, we begin our journey of choosing to be happy in every situation.

Reset to Default  - 2 Hours

When we are born, we neither know fear nor sadness.  We are all born with a default setting of Joy and everything we come to believe about us and the world around us is through our conditioning.  Resetting to Default is a way of understanding what our highest intentions are and how to connect to them at all times.

Limit Me Not  - 3 Hours

We are born with vivid imaginations.  This is why when we are kids, we dream we can be whatever we can imagine.  Kids talk about being astronauts, scientist, movie stars etc and you will never hear them talk about being stuck in a dead-end job they hate.  We develop limiting beliefs of what we can and cannot do and these have some major effects in our life.  Learn to understand your belief system and go back to the world of vivid imaginations and positive beliefs.

Workshops can be customized based on client's requirements

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