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Coach? 5 great reasons why you need one now!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

"All is well in my life in general, but..." she said. This was a client who came for her first introductory free session to assess if she needed a coach.

I asked her to expand past the 'but' and tell me about the problem which pushed her to find a coach, but she kept going back to how good her life was.

If you are someone who wants to look on the bright side of your life, I applaud you and you are doing everything right. You can still benefit from a coach to push you further in life and on the happiness scale.

Think of a high performance athlete and you will see that they are constantly striving to reach greater and greater levels of achievement. They are happy to break their own records and keep going forward. For this they have a coach who can observe them and support them to enhance their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.

Your life, business, career, relationship, etc., may already be good, but would you want to stay at the same level forever?. Coaching isn't crisis intervention or meant for SOS situations only. It is a mental tune up to ensure you are in peak mental health and can face the challenges and enjoy the rewards without an invasion from the negative thought army to derail you.

A coach is always an asset if you want to keep moving forward in everything you do and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. You want to live up to your true potential : Just because most things are going well, doesn't mean they can't be better. Many people hire a coach because they know they are built for more and they want to reach their full potential sooner, rather than later or not at all. They are not ready to settle for what they have but want more out of themselves. This is different from being insecure. People derive considerable joy from pushing their own boundaries and see how far they can go. Once they get past one mental barrier, they are curious to find out how much more they can achieve if they just believe in themselves. However, like everyone else, they can get side-tracked in their progress and look for ways to get back on track. Good coaches are exactly what they need to help them map out their obstacles and overcome them.

  2. You are searching for an answer to the 'Meaning of Life' : Meaning is what makes life worth living. It comes from living the most authentic life true to your core nature. We experience chaos and unhappiness when our external reality does not match our internal reality. That disconnect leads to many different problems in everything you do and a good coach would help you to understand what you value most. If you feel like you have achieved everything you wanted to in the material world and are looking for something deeper, you could really benefit from working with a great coach.

  3. You want more out of life. Challenging your beliefs and doing the hard work on yourself. requires you to push yourself to constantly come up with new ideas about your business and personal life. This takes not only commitment but lazer sharp focus towards only what is important. We live in a fast paced world with too many distractions and its easy to find excuses not to do what is important. These distractions are like little gremlins (mini monsters) that bring a chain of negative thoughts with them to feed off your energy and keep you away from happiness. A coach can help you stay in positive mindful states that ensure you stay on the path that brings you fulfillment and joy.

  4. You are going through a change : Change can be difficult, no matter how small, even when it's what you want. Anytime you go through a big transition such as starting something new, be it something as small as a new eating or exercise plan or something as major as a new business or career, starting a new life after marriage or divorce, moving to a new city or going back to school, etc.; it's great to have someone in your corner who is there just to help you not only understand your emotions, but help you work through them so you can make the right choices at the right time. Having a coach who truly believes in you and is as invested in your success as you are, is an asset at any stage in your life.

  5. You want to make yourself a priority: We are a generation raised on the fear of judgement and therefore we do many things just to avoid it. Sometimes avoiding judgement also leads us to becoming someone we barely recognize ourselves. We do things and become someone who is living under the constant threat of what others will say and think of us if we do things against the norm. That's fine if you want an average life. But, people who accomplish great things know they are going to be judged and find a way to go beyond that fear because the fear of losing their dream is greater than the fear of judgement. A good coach will not only help you to make yourself a priority, but also show you how to eliminate any obstacles that stand in your way.

Your life is not worth throwing away for anything or anyone on this planet. You are a true marvel of nature and if you have been living with beliefs other than that, its time for you to reach out and get some one on your side, who can show you the mirror where you can see how amazing you truly are.

I am extremely passionate about mental health and I have made a commitment to help as many people as I can. All I need is for them to take the first step in believing they deserve to live the life of their dreams.

This is Kanchan Kulkarni, saying goodbye for now and speak to you again soon.

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