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How I went from being 'broken' to helping others build a life of their dreams!

Before I became a Relationship & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Energy Healer, Spiritual seeker, Quantum Physics lover, I was isolated, misunderstood and always angry ...

If you are ...

Unable to find love 

Stuck in toxic relationships

Hiding your pain behind a fake smile

Struggling to find people who can understand you

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You are not Alone!

Just for You :

Welcome to, a unique safe space here for you to explore.  I love having the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and information with my loyal readers. Let's talk.


Topics that matter.

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Looking to connect to yourself.  The guided meditations are the perfect way.


What started as an idea is now a commitment.

2 free 1:1 online free sessions to all since Mar 2020

1000+ FREE sessions provided to date


If you can find the strength to take the first step, I WILL help you walk out of the darkness.

I know what it is like, to not want to wake up the next day, just so you do not have to face the constant struggle your life has become.


My journey with depression led me to believe life was not worth living.


From the outside I had everything - a beautiful family, career, wealth, freedom to pursue my dreams, but on the inside I felt empty.


I have fought hard to get myself out of the chaos to heal myself, so trust me when I tell you I understand your pain because I have lived through it myself.

I am extremely passionate about mental health and am living proof that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. To know more about what my sessions include click on the link below.



I pen this with the utmost gratitude in my heart for Kanchan.  She has not only been a coach to me but a guide and a guru.  She has given me a birds eye view of my situation.  it has opened doors and unleashed, that the life I was leading was not in sync with the spirit.  It has given me much to ponder on.  In fact she has taught me to believe in myself.  For so long in my life, I did not even realize that the trust issues I had were with my own self.  She has ushered me to walk the talk towards my own calling.

Kanchan in this walk, I hold you close to my heart as you have kindled my spirit.  You are by far the most refined humans and the best coach I have come across.  You are indeed. my spiritual guide.  Much gratitude and blessings.

Woman - 50 years, Dubai, UAE

What Clients Say...

Kara Foundation

Paying it forward...
Dhanushkodi Community Project 05
Dhanushkodi Community Project 04
Dhanushkodi Community Project 01

The Kara Foundation is a commitment made by my husband and me to fund educational and health projects for those who need it the most.  Funded fully from our personal income, The Kara Foundation is an intrinsic part of our lives.


In helping others, I healed parts of me that I thought were broken beyond repair!

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